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December 25, 2014

City Hall Offices Closed


Welcome to the CITY OF AUBURN

The City of Auburn is a great place to be.  Located in the heart of Michigan's beautiful Lower Peninsula, Auburn is just minutes away from wherever you need to be.  Auburn's population is 2,080. 

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2013 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

2014-2015 Budget

Budget Letter - From City Administrator to City Commission
City of Auburn Buget Resolution - Resolution 2014-3

Authorization for automatic bill payment withdrawal


The City of Auburn is an equal opportunity employer and provider

113 E Elm St., Auburn MI 48611 989-662-6761

Have you seen Auburn’s newest mascots? This mama turkey and two babies start their day at Auburn Bean and Grain for breakfast each morning. After their bellies are nice and full, they head over to Auburn Elementary to see the kiddos out at recess. Sometimes they end up at the Auburn Hotel to eat lunch, and why not? They do have awesome burgers and salads there! As you can see in our photo, they head through town and do a little window shopping each day. Maybe stop and get their feathers trimmed at Villa Hair. They have been spotted heading down to 7-11, wishing I’m sure, they had socks, shoes and a shirt which would entitle them to a Slurpee. They finish up their afternoon playing at Grace Lutheran’s playground and then head back to the Bean and Grain for an early dinner. Rumor has it, that they have been working out at Auburn Physical Therapy to keep slim and off the Thanksgiving table.

Keep an eye out for our Feathered Friends! We've heard they are very docile and don’t even mind their picture taken up close! Seeing these creatures walk throughout town reminds us that we honestly do live in a “small” town. A town who treats neighbors as family. A town who waves and smiles at others driving by. A town who stops and takes the time to chat with a waitress and or clerk at a store to see what is new in their lives. We're very thankful to be apart of this town! Each time we see our mascots we remember how thankful we are for this town, just as much or even more as those birds are thankful to be free and wild and not on the dining room table!