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From Sept 4-8, 2014 the City of Auburn displayed The Moving Wall, a half size replica of the Washington, D.C. Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Please visit The Moving Wall website at themovingwall.org for more information, photos, and the schedule of where you can find The Moving Wall next.


For a copy of the Newsletter and Donation/Volunteer forms; please choose from the links below.

Vietnam Moving Wall Newsletter (PDF)

Vietnam Moving Wall Donation/Volunteer Form (PDF)

About the Moving Wall

• The Moving Wall is an exact one-half replica of The Vietnam Veterans Memorial that was designed by Maya Lin and dedicated on Nov. 13, 1982.

• John Devitt, a helicopter crew chief during his time in Vietnam, came up with the idea with a group of veterans. After Devitt saw the memorial in Washington, D.C., he was both moved and concerned about others who could not make it to the nation’s capital.

• Although Devitt and his friends only had about $2,500 between them to try to create a portable memorial, they were able to find individuals and companies willing to help. Much like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, he the entire cost was paid for with public donations.

• Construction of The Moving Wall was finished in October 1984 and the Wall was first displayed on Oct. 15 at the East Texas Rose Festival in Tyler, Texas. 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of The Moving Wall.

• There are two years engraved on the wall – 1959 and 1975. The first has been established as the year the first casualties were reported in Vietnam, while 1975 is the year of the last Vietnam casualties.

• The two walls that make up The Moving Wall are each 126.5 feet long. That total – about 253 feet, is actually just slightly longer than half the length of the Vietnam Wall, which is 493.5 feet.

• The Wall has both diamonds and pluses by some names. The diamonds indicate that the casualty was confirmed by the military. The pluses indicate that the person is still missing.

• There are 74 individual panels in The Moving Wall that are made of aluminum. The glossy, mirror-like finish comes from the polyurethane gloss coating painted on the panels.

• As of Jan. 1, 2013, there were 58,286 names on the Wall. Out of that total, about 1,300 are prisoners of war who have not been accounted for or others who are missing in action. There are no civilians on the Wall, which is dedicated to the approximately 2.7 million men and women from the U.S. military that served in Vietnam.

• There are three people from Auburn on the Wall and a total of 266 Fallen Heroes from the State of Michigan.

• The names on the wall are first listed in chronological order based on the date of the casualty. For each day, the names are put in alphabetical order. During the five-day visit in Auburn, guides will help visitors locate names on the Wall.

• Visitors often leave letters, photos or other memorials by the Wall. These items are collected from every community the Wall visits and are being preserved for display in a future Vietnam museum project.