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Machelski Park

On June 16, 2014 the corner park at Midland Rd & Auburn Rd was dedicated to an Auburn couple, Ann & Art

Machelski, who transformed an eyesore of a vacant, overgrown lot in the heart of the city into a thriving park full of 

life. Ann Machelski served as an Auburn city commissioner from 1979 until October 2013, a long and distinguished 

run marked by her unwavering commitment to the people of Auburn.  Art Machelski devoted much of his adult 

life to community service, volunteering for the Auburn Downtown Development Authority, Auburn Jaycees, 

Lions Club and the Auburn-Williams Township Fire Department. The unassuming couple said they simply were 

doing what they believed they should be doing for a community they cherish. 

 "Ann and Art's love for this town and this park represents that,their kindness, patience and determination is an 
 inspiration to all of us. It is because of this we dedicate this park to Ann and Art Machelski. From this day 

 forward it will be called Machelski Park.”

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