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Parks & Recreation Board

The Auburn-Williams Recreation Association was officially formed in March of 1973 with the adoption of the Association's Articles of Organization and Operation. The mission of the Auburn-Williams Park and Recreation Board strives to promote recreation through year round sports and activities for all ages. The purpose of this all volunteer association is to plan and promote recreation and the needed facilities for such within the Township of Williams and the City of Auburn.

The Auburn-Williams Recreation Association oversees several recreational programs in the City of Auburn and Williams Township including youth baseball and softball programs and coordination with area soccer programs. The Association employs a Summer Recreation Director and Staff for the purpose of operating a youth summer recreation program during six weeks from late June to early August each year. 

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By Laws

Duties of the association include:

  • To organize, plan, and promote recreation within the City of Auburn and the Township of Williams Charter Township;
  • To administer the spending of money allotted to the association for recreational purposes;
  • To promote additional recreational facilities; and
  • To prepare an estimated annual budget to submit to the Auburn City Commission and Williams Township Board.


Meeting Dates
Please check with City Hall.

Auburn Williams Recreation Association Board

President, City Representative   Dave Robbins 
Vice-President, City Representative   Ray Garcia
Secretary, City Representative   Jan O'Keefe
Treasurer, Township Representative   Ron Kohn
Township Representative   Sam Carlin
City Commission Representative   Ryan Gwizdala
City Representative   Margaret Garlinghouse
Township Representative   Marc Morris
City Representative   Brian Keidel
Township Representative   Phil Ouillette
Township Board Representative   Jim Plant
Township Representative   William Warren